Nellie Standard Poodle

Meet Nellie.  She is a Standard Poodle.  She is 2 years old.


Elsie Leigh of Hamden Syndey

Elsie is a Multi Gen Labradoodle. Her moms side of the line goes back 5 generations of Labradoodles originating from Australia.


Coco Brown

Meet Coco Brown.  She is the daughter of our very own Kaci and Barkley.  She is so pretty like her Mama and Aunt Katie.  She is a F1B Labradoodle and will soon produce some beautiful chocolate labradoodles! 




Prudence (Pruddy)

Prudence is an Apricot Standard Labradoodle.  She was born 4/25/2016.  She is available for breeding Summer 2017. 


Elinor Rigby (Ellie)

Ellie is a black and white sheepadoodle. (Formally Gracie).  Ellie was born December 23, 2015.  She will be available for breeding Summer 2017. 

Here is Ellie as a baby pup!


Penny Laine

Penny Laine is a chocolate and tan Phantom Standard Labradoodle.  Penny came to Heart of Virginia Doodles from Tennessee from O'Doodle Labradoodles.  January 30th, 2016 was her birthday and she will be available for breeding late 2017.



Isabella Star "Izzy"

"Izzy" is an Old English Sheepdog. She is brown and white. She had her first litter in late 2015.  These puppies were beautiful just like their mama. 



We are pleased to announce Izzy and Wellington's litter of 7 arrived December 23, 2015.  She had 5 girls and 2 boys.  Most of the black ones have white on their chest and toes.  Izzy has one blue eye, it should be interesting to see if any of these puppies will have a blue eye too!  Here are some pictures!

The girls!

One of the girls.


The boys.

The boys

Gracie. Our newest love bug.


Sweet Virginia Breeze "Ginny"

Meet "Sweet Virginia Breeze", (Ginny) is a light red or buff multigenerational austrailian labradoodle. She is a miniature and will be bred to Patches late 2015 or early 2016. Ginny came to us from "Prize Labradoodles".

Ginny and Patches had 8 Minature Austrailan Labradoodles 8/28/16.  4 boys, 4 girls. 4 black and 4 parti black and white. 



Ginny as a puppy.

Ginny with her winter coat. :)


Lady Gabriella of Throck "Gabby"

Meet "Lady Gabriella of Throck", (Gabby) is a chocolate and white parti standard poodle. She will be moyen (medium size 40# or so). She came to us from "Old Dominion Kennel".  She has many options for breeding, poodles, labradoodles, and goldendoodles.

Gabby's first litter, born 2/21/16.. Gabby had 6 total.  5 females and 1 male.  4 are chocolate and white and 2 are bacl and white.  The lone male is one of the black and white ones pictured below.  



Cinnamon Rose of Abilene "Cinny"

Introducing "Cinnamon Rose of Abilene" (Cinny). We received her in November 2013.  She comes to us from Liberty's River Doodles.  She is a red multigenerational Austrailian Labradoodle. 

Cinny November 2014:


Lily Mae

Lily Mae is a multigenerational miniature labradoodle.  She is a unique color we call "Phantom".  She has had 2 miniature labradoodle litters so far.  Lily is Shirl's shadow. 


DOB 2\26\12
DAM. Lady.  30lb sable (silver\white) multigen labradoodle
SIRE Casanova.  17lb silver phantom multigen labradoodle


Here are pictures from past litters. (Lily and Patches)

Patches and Lily

Sadie Ray after grooming (Courtesy of Tammi)

Sadie Ray before grooming :) (Courtesy of Tammi)

Sweet Pea (Courtesy of Mary)



Kaci (Retired)

Kaci is a beautiful Dam.  She has since retired.  


Here is a preview of what their pups will look like!