Waiting List for Sheepadoodles F1 and F1B

What is a Sheepadoodle?

 A sheepadoodle is an Old English Sheepdog mixed with a Poodle to make a F1 sheepadoodle.  You can acheive a F1B sheepadoodle by crossing  a F1 Sheepadoodle (half old english sheepdog, half standard poodle) with a standard sized poodle. 

Here are some pictures of past Sheepadoodle Litters:

Ellie and Barkley's Fall 2017 Litter F1B

Izzy and Barkley's Summer 2017 Litter F1

Izzy and Barkley's Summer 2017 Litter Continue F1

Izzy and Remington's Fall 2016 Litter F1

Listed below are tentative reservations for future Sheepadoodle litters we may have.  To be placed on the waiting list below, please fill out a puppy application and pay a $200 deposit. Methods of payment are; check, cash, or paypal request from us. Deposit will be applied to the puppy purchase price.

Price for sheepadoodles is $1,400.  Reservations require a $200 deposit, with $1,200 at pick up.

How does this waiting list work?

 Once you fill out an application and pay your deposit, your application will go into a file and your name will be posted below showing your application number, breed preference (F1, F1B, First Available) and whether a deposit has been paid.  Once we have a sheepadoodle litter, you will be contacted to see if you want to be added to the reservation list for that litter.  We will start with the person with the oldest application date.  We will make two good faith attempts to contact you when a puppy or litter becomes available. (Most likely by email.) If the email gets bounced back we will make a phone call.   If we are unable to make contact with you, we will move down to the next person on the list. 

**IMPORTANT** If your name is listed below, please make sure we have your most up to date contact information.  Please let me know if your contact information needs to be changed ASAP.  Send an email referencing your application number.

Please email or call with any questions.

David Statzer



Waiting List

1. Victoria P.app.#486 (deposit confirmed) deffered from Izzy's litter

2. Shawn M. app.#511 (deposit confirmed) deffered from Izzy's litter

3. Kayla A. M. app.#616 (deposit confirmed) deffered from Izzy's litter

4. Diane G. app.#552 (deposit pd. 8/23/17)

5. Emily F. app.#727    (deposit pd. 9/23/17)

6. Kristen G. app.#733 (deposit pd. 10/20/17) 

7. Lynne H. app.#759 (deposit pd. 11/18/17)

8. Peter R. app. #763     (deposit pd. 11/20/17)

9. Chris M. app.#752      (deposit pd.12/13/17)

10. Christine H. app.#782 (deposit pd. 01/02/18) 

11. Priscilla F. app.#788   (deposit pd. (01/15/18)

12. Shannon P. app.#774  (deposit pending)